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Top BPO Companies in Asia: Outsourcing Business Operations

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing was firstly about sending non-core business tasks offshore to have it done at affordable prices. Countries like the Philippines, India, and Bangladesh participated competitively in it. In today’s digital world, where technology has advanced, BPO has taken a broader range of services under its belt.

Now, a business owner can outsource almost all types of work including admin support, bookkeeping support, accounting, data entry, expanding to IT solutions, digital marketing, web & software development to many more. But, who do you trust in this large pool of BPO service providers? Let’s look at the top BPO companies operating in Asia and Southeast Asia region.

Who Are the Leading BPO Providers in Asia?

  1. TechSpeed INC.
  2. TechSpeed has been providing innovative data processing solutions, personalized customer service to clients in the US and abroad. They offer expertise in data entry, data mining, web development, and specialize in the fields of legal, real estate, and political services. They also have strong data protection policies and protocols in hand to handle sensitive client information.

  3. Essential-Infotech
  4. Essential-Infotech is a renowned BPO service provider, business consultant, and IT solutions provider situated in Asia. With headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Tokyo, Japan, Essential-Infotech was able to attract large business organizations.

    They mainly aim at streamlining work processes for optimal business efficiency, handling back office support, admin support, IT solutions, and digital marketing. Moreover, the company has worked for top-rated companies coming from the United States of America, Canada, Japan, many parts of Europe and more.

    They challenged the market norms and established value per dollar-based ROI in the BPO industry.

  5. ASL BPO
  6. ASL BPO was founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2014 as a corporate process outsourcing company. Its main goal is to provide outsourcing solutions for small and big business organizations around the globe. ASL BPO has made large recognition throughout the world through their continued support & honest workforce.

  7. Infosys Limited
  8. Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational company with business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services. They are efficient when it comes to the IT and business process management spaces. The Indian company helps global business establishments reach their business goals by handling all their outsourced tasks.

  9. Wipro
  10. Wipro is a famous Indian IT, consultation, and outsourcing company. The organization, which is founded in Bangalore, India, provides assistance to corporations all around the world. Wipro is specialized in sectors like finance, marketing, tourism, education, and other fields.

  11. SkyTech Solutions
  12. SkyTech Solutions Ltd is providing offshore outsourcing in call center operations and business back-office support from Bangladesh. They have been in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry for more than 8 years. Their offshore operations can perform non-core, more bureaucratic business processes better and at a fraction of the cost of operations.

  13. Octopus Tech
  14. Octopus Tech is a leading provider of web design and call center outsourcing services, trusted for its cutting-edge services by a long list of partners across the globe. They provide a wide range of back-office support, front-office support & business process outsourcing solutions. They also provide IT-related services like development & design.

Choosing the Right BPO Company to Handle Your Business Operations

When it comes down to choosing a specific BPO company among all these names in Asia, you need to make a careful decision as to whom to outsource your business operations. But why choose Asia over all the other regions in the world for BPO? The answer is cost-effectiveness.

Asian BPO companies have a low-cost economy, which can help you save up to 40-80% of operational costs by outsourcing. With much more affordable prices than your locale, you can get more tasks done at less than the price!

What to Review When Choosing A BPO Company

  • Certifications: Check their certificates, and validate whether they align with the field of work your business is in. If they are certified as experts, your operations are in safe hands.
  • Client Reviews: Check previous client reviews as it is important to look for those with an impressive and reputable track record.
  • Budget Considerations: Once you have shortlisted all the possible candidates, check their pricing in detail. Be ready to make some adjustments depending on the services you want from them. However, the costs should be comparatively low, and that’s the whole point of outsourcing.
  • Availability: Check if the chosen company can provide you with the time coverage you want. Ask questions like, are they available 24/7? Can they be active during busy hours? Can they provide extended support when your business pressures are higher? All these questions can clear out future tussles and give you a hassle-free experience.
  • Language Barrier: Check with the representatives whether they can speak the same language as you do; this might usually be English. With the lack of communication and comprehension, you cannot really assign tasks to someone who does not even understand your language. So make sure, the company you choose is proficient in speaking English and can understand every word you say.

By ensuring these factors are checked, you can go ahead and choose a company to outsource your business operations with ease.

In Conclusion

Asia is a powerhouse of technological advancements and talented individuals, who are definitely expanding on the BPO sectors as well. You can give your business a strategic edge by utilizing these Asian BPO companies the right way.

In this ever-evolving global economy, outsourcing to Asia can streamline your business process, cut costs on production, improve your services, and help you maintain competitiveness in the market.

In conclusion, outsourcing to top BPO companies in Asia can cut down costs from non-core activities, freeing up resources to invest in other sectors or further development of your business. To make things easier for you, the companies listed above are least likely to disappoint you.

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