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Top 10 BPO companies in Philippines, 2023

Top 10 BPO companies in Philippines


In the early 2000s, the Philippines' BPO industry started to grow significantly due to a number of factors, including a huge pool of educated and English-speaking workers, lower labor costs than in industrialized nations, supportive government regulations, and a strong telecommunications infrastructure. With the help of clients from many different industries across the globe, the Philippines has developed into one of the top BPO service providers in the world over time.

Current Situation:

According to the most current data, the Philippines' BPO sector is still thriving and is a major contributor to the national economy. With millions of Filipinos employed, mostly in cities like Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao, it continues to be one of the biggest employers in the country. Beyond standard voice-based customer support, the industry has expanded its offerings to include higher-value services like digital marketing, finance and accounting, IT outsourcing, and healthcare outsourcing.


  • Cost-effectiveness: Businesses can save money by outsourcing to the Philippines because labor expenses there are cheaper than in wealthy nations.

  • Workforce with Skill: The Philippines has a sizable pool of college-educated, English-speaking individuals who can handle a variety of BPO activities with ease.

  • Scalability: Scalable solutions are provided by BPO companies in the Philippines, enabling companies to readily modify their operations in response to variations in demand.

  • Time Zone Advantage: With minimal time variations, the nation's time zone (GMT+8) enables seamless service to consumers in Western nations.


  • Competition: Other outsourcing locations like India, Eastern Europe, and Latin America present fierce competition for the Philippines.

  • Infrastructure: In spite of advancements, many regions continue to face transportation and internet access problems, which have a negative impact on operational effectiveness.

  • Attrition Rates: High staff turnover rates continue to be a problem for the sector, costing BPO companies money on hiring and training new employees.

  • Data Security Concerns: BPO operations are at danger from data security and privacy issues, which calls for strong steps to guarantee adherence to global rules.


The Philippine economy has been significantly impacted by the expansion of the BPO sector:

  • Job Creation: BPO companies have helped to reduce poverty and boost the economy by creating millions of jobs, many of which are for young professionals.

  • Foreign Exchange Earnings: The country's balance of payments is strengthened by the substantial foreign exchange earnings produced by BPO services.

  • Real Estate Development: The real estate industry has been growing, especially in large urban centers, due to the need for office premises from BPO businesses.

  • Skills Development: The sector has been instrumental in helping the Filipino labor force become more employable and competitive in the international market by providing them with higher-level skills.

Top 10 companies for BPO:

  • Accenture

    • Accenture is a multinational provider of professional services offering a wide range of services in operations, digital, strategy, and consulting. Accenture is a major player in the Philippines' BPO services market, providing solutions for a range of sectors including technology, healthcare, and finance.

  • Convergys Philippines Services Corporation (Concentrix)

    • Concentrix is a top global supplier of technology and solutions for the customer experience (CX). Concentrix runs multiple business process outsourcing (BPO) centers in the Philippines where it offers back-office, sales, technical, and customer support services to global clients.

  • Teleperformance Philippines

    • Multinational BPO firm Teleperformance specializes in technical support, customer experience management, and other outsourcing services. Teleperformance offers an extensive network of delivery facilities in the Philippines that serve a wide range of industrial verticals.

  • IBEX Global Solutions (IBEX)

    • One of the top suppliers of outsourced services and solutions for client engagement is IBEX Global Solutions. IBEX has contact centers in the Philippines that provide back-office, sales, and customer support services to customers across multiple industries.

  • Sitel Philippines Corporation

    • Sitel is a multinational outsourcing company that offers solutions for customer experience management. Sitel is well-known in the Philippines, where it provides clients in a variety of industries with BPO services, technical support, and customer care.

  • Sutherland Global Services Philippines, Inc. (Sutherland)

    • A global BPO provider of complete business process outsourcing solutions is Sutherland Global Services. Sutherland offers a range of services in the Philippines, including financial, accounting, technical support, and customer care.

  • Concentrix

    • Concentrix is a global business services company that leverages technology and specializes in enhancing corporate performance and customer engagement. Concentrix runs multiple delivery centers in the Philippines that offer a comprehensive range of BPO services to customers across the globe.

  • TTEC

    • Formerly known as TeleTech, TTEC Holdings, Inc. is a multinational provider of customer experience technologies and services. TTEC is well-known in the Philippines, where it provides back-office, sales, and customer service solutions to customers across a range of industries.

  • Genpact Services LLC (Genpact)

    • Global professional services company Genpact offers business process management, outsourcing, and digital transformation services. Genpact provides a broad range of business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the Philippines, encompassing supply chain management, procurement, and finance and accounting.

  • EXL Service Philippines, Inc. (EXL)

    • Leading operations management and analytics provider EXL provides healthcare, finance and accounting, and analytics solutions among its many offerings. In the Philippines, EXL uses technology and analytics to improve business outcomes while offering BPO services to clients across a range of industries.


In conclusion, the Philippines has become one of the world's leading outsourcing service destinations thanks to the industry's phenomenal growth and development over the years in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector. Through the creation of millions of employment, foreign exchange profits, infrastructure development, and workforce skill training, the sector has made a considerable contribution to the Philippine economy.

The Philippine BPO business has shown tenacity and adaptability in the face of obstacles like competition from other outsourcing destinations, infrastructure restrictions, attrition rates, and data security issues. Offering a broad range of outsourcing solutions across multiple sectors, companies like Accenture, Concentrix, Teleperformance, and others have played crucial roles in creating the industry's landscape.

It is essential going ahead for the Philippine BPO sector.

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